Exchange rate fluctuation agreements is a currency exchange agreement. 

An index agreement stated as 100/1.5 indicates that the customer (CUS) has to pay 100% of the deviation if it rises above 1,5% of the order amount.

When an order is issued, RamBase stores the current exchange rate and the currency the part normally is purchased in. The exchange rate might have changed when the invoice is issued. 

The exchange rate fluctuation agreement specifies how to handle these differences. 

The agreement has the format AAA/BBB, where AAA is a percentage of the total invoice, and BBB is the exchange rate fluctuation percentage.

E.g. 80/3.0 means that if the rate of exchange on the date a customer order is transported to an invoice has changed more than +/- 3% from the rate of exchange, 80% of the invoice amount will be adjusted.          

This can be set for the customer, changed at order level and it can be set in csv for the entire company if required.


To find items that have an index agreement specified the following filter can be used:



The value can be found in the Currency Index fields on the invoice item where this is applicable:

Example from a demo-database:

When creating a file to load the customer archive into RamBase, this field is referred to as the 'Indexagr' field:

(INDEXAGR = Exchange fluctuation rate agreement.)

 Load CUS Archive

INDEXAGR = Exchange fluctuation rate agreement.