If the user has the access he is able to add or remove a user in the approval group that has access to approve KIT's. ( A role including PRM/101513 Set product structure (KIT) in status 4 is needed for this).

To find the approval group, enter the 'Production' next to the 'Pending Approve by' field and a pop-up will appear with the possibility to make changes -  remove or add a person to the list.

One can find this field another way:

1. Write KIT in the program field

2. enter the magnifying glass next to the 'filter' field

3. on the field 'Version ST' - choose 'Pending approval' - then Ok (you do not need to add anything else).

4. enter the KIT under 'Class'.

5. enter 'Production' next to 'Pending Approval by' and you will see the same pop-up as above where you can make your changes.