It is a manual job to follow-up the number of days an employee can be absent. 

This can be done using the worklog approval (WLA) application.

From the worklog approval (WLA) application, bells are visible if someone has been absent.
Before approving the absence line, add the following filter as shown below:
If the employee has used a self-certification form for 3 periods, (where 1 period can be a maximum of 3 days), then the payroll manager will send the employee information about regulations regarding the self-certification & reporting laws, and after the 4th period they send a notice of a quarantine period of 6 months.

To search for childcare entries use the following filter:

Employees should check their entries for sick-leave & childcare leave. This can be done using the filter on their own worklog (WHL) application or by using the WHLSUM application.

WHLSUM can be used by a personnel manager responsible for salary, by adding a persons identification number behind the WHLSUM - for example: WHLSUM/11429

More information can be found here: Sick leave