The most important date stamps on an order acknowledgment are Requested delivery date (REQ), Confirmed delivery date (CONF) and Scheduled shipping date (DELDATE), which is calculated based on these two and the Delivery day.

'Requested delivery date' (REQ) is the delivery date requested from the customer. Requested delivery date (REQ) is the basis of accurate delivery statistics and is a key value for managing deliveries.
This date is derived from a demand that either comes from a sales order (COA) or production work order (PWO) and indicates when the customer wants the goods to arrive. (This date is not indicating when the supplier should ship the goods)

'Confirmed delivery date' (CONF) is first set by the seller (or automatically by the system), but can be changed due to delays in procurement or production.  The confirmed date is the date the supplier confirms the customer will receive the goods.

The RamBase system gives information about changes in confirmed delivery dates, and reconfirmed order acknowledgments can be sent to customers.

'Requested delivery date' (REQ) and Confirmed delivery date (CONF) can be set on each order item, or on all order items as a whole.

Settings that can be used to give some margin:

DeliveryAndRequestDateMarginDays = Number of days, used in calculation of LINKDELDATE and LINKREQ in the stock assigment register (SAR).