If your company is using this licence model, information can be found in the 'User price categories for subscriptions' (UPC) application.  

Enter on the 'more info' icon will open a pop-up with the following: 

This settings will be activated if you are using this price model:

SSV: System Setting Values - Access based subscription fee for RamBase users 

         Access points on duties are accumulated for each RamBase user giving a subscription price category
         (UPC) for each user. The price category for a user decides the RamBase subscription fee for that user. 

         This setting should only be activated by JHC.

The role: RamBase core user should not be defined on a person with the role: Operator as these two roles give the same access.

If you are not using this licence model, but would like to - or you would like to have more information regarding this feature, feel free to contact the RamBase Support Team:)