Information regarding scheduling reports can be found here: Scheduling reports

If you need to add or remove a user from the list of users that receive a scheduled report, the following filter can be used to find the specific scheduled report you need to make changes to:

    EKS - RPQ;DOCID:*100090,ST="8"

When the report queue (RPQ) job is found for your report, it is possible to add or remove users using the icon for 'Veiw/Edit Reciever List':


  • Click the View/Edit receiver list to choose which receivers will receive the output.

  • This opens a popup where you can add receivers using the add receiver button.

  • Choose the Source archive in the Source dropdown menu (CNT or PER). Highlight the desired receiver(s) and click ENTER.

  • This will add the receiver to the receiver list in the receiver setup list. Here you also may delete or edit details represented by a magnifying glass icon.