If the customer has changed the computer where the printers are installed, they must install the print connector again.

Use the menu option "Download latest print connector" and during the installation you use "License" which you will find under the detailed information on print connector (PCR).

Afterwards, update the Print configuration (PRC) where the old printer / print connector was connected to.

Nb! A license cannot be reused. When creating a print configuration (PCR) in RamBase using "Create new", the user has to find this in the menu and retrieve the license key from there. The licence is unique to this print connector and is only valid for a short period of time.

Once the print connector is installed, the user has to create new print configurations or update existing ones.

You must then find the correct printer according to the correct Print connector.

More information regarding the print connector configuration can be found here: Print configuration (PCR)