To replace a product in all the structures (KIT's) where this article is defined, the following steps can be used:


1. Create or find the new article that you will switch to.

2. Search for the article you are going to replace.

3. In the context menu, choose the option: ‘Structures this product included in’


You will be redirected to the Kit Menu with a filter on the specific part.
Here you will see a list of parts where this product is included in the structure (KIT).

4. Choose the lines to update and click on the icon: ‘Select Action’.

5. Choose the icon: ‘Replace Part’


6. Fill in the fields for ‘Old Part’ & ‘New Part’ the choose: ‘Start Action’


7. The old product is now replaced with the new product, and the old article can be moved to status 9 if needed.

As you can see above, the KIT Menu can be used to add/replace parts or cost.

More regarding the Kit Menu can be found here: Kit Menu