To list the work hours logged for a specific person or date in the Work hour log (WHL) application, one can use the following reports and filter:

WHL - Hour overview by employee - REP/100630 

This report shows information based on today's date (the date you run the report), and lists information for the current year up to today's date. But - you can also enter a date as first parameter in the filter and get the information based on the year in this date, up to given date.

For example:


It is possible to use the WHLSUM application too. 

In this application, you can search on date, department, work scheme - or add a specific PID: 

WHLSUM/xxxx (x = pid for a specific person). 


WHLSUM is a summary report that shows how work hours and any time absent from work are aggregated by departments, groups, and single employees. 
Managers may run the report on any employee, but employees in general will only be able to see data concerning their own work effort. 

From the WHL/WLA there is an option called: 'Summary by date' if you have access to this. 

Enter this option will redirect you to the WHLSUM with a filter on the specific PID you were inspecting.