When defining a product A as a replacement for a product B, and product B is not available in stock, an  

icon will appear in the purchase program (PUR) indicating there is an equivalent part to product B - for which you have a purchasing demand.

This is for information only, but indicates there is a replacement product A and how many pieces there is available in stock.


The user can enter the structure via the production work order (PWO's), copy the version,and replace the product B with the product A that is in stock, and activate the version to be produced.

This must be done for all production orders where the replacement product A is to be used.

The purchasing demand for product B will disappear from the list in the purchase program (PUR).

When the replacement product A is used up, it can be removed as a replacement for product B if required.

Another solution is to make a new version of the kit and replace product B with the product A. (the replacement product). If this solution is used, it could be a good idea to add Product B as a replacement for this product (A). 

That way, it will appear in the purchase program (PUR) that product A has an equivalent when there is no longer stock of this product. 
When the stock quantity is used up for the product A, a new version of the Kit can be defined again with the product B - this solution will give more automatic processing, but the kit will have to be updated twice.