Cost in KIT is based on the hourly rate specified on the resource that is included in the structure (KIT).

For example the resource group «CNC Machine»

The cost defined in this resource group is only an estimate, and not something that affects inventory value after production, but it does affect the sales price.

When a demand for a specific structure (KIT) is registered, the department manager, machining) assigns this job to the machine that will produce it. When the goods are received to stock after being produced, RamBase will use the following factors to set a cost:

- Hourly rate based on which machine performed the job

- Production time / stamped time by the operator

The Inventory value is based on the time spent, and not the estimated time.
If the sales price is based on GM, then this will affect the sales price. If a fixed sales price is defined, the GM will vary according to what is consumed, and you will get a higher/lower GM compared to what was planned.

When a production (PWO) is completed, the estimated time and accrued time can be found in "Cost" 

It is the cost registered in "accured" that gives the product a stock value.