The MET application is used to define new measuring tools - articles with class: WT

Measuring Tools (MET)

The application Measuring Tools (MET) contains all measuring tools, including discontinued. 
This application enables you to create new measuring tools, create purchase orders for measuring tools, reporting or creating a service order for measuring tool service.

Creating a new measuring tool
  1. Write MET in the program field and press ENTER. This opens the Measuring Tool Menu, where all the different measuring tools are listed.

  2. Click the Define New Tool Type button. This opens a popup where you can define your new tool. Class is pre-filled in with CLASS=WT, which is the measuring tool class. Fill in the necessary information:

    • Part: name of the measuring tool

    • Mfr: name of the manufacturer

    • ProdGroup: classification of the tool

    • Text: description of the tool (not mandatory)

  3. Click the Submit button when finished. You will now see the measuring tool in ST:1.

    When all information is registered on the tool, use the context menu item Set to ST:4 (Ordinary article).