Inspect a customers subscriptions by:
  1. To open the Customer (CUS) application, find Sales in the RamBase menu and then Customer management. Click Customers to enter the CUS application.

  2. Find the customer in question and highlight the customer line and press ENTER, or double click. This will take you to the Customer document.

  3. Press F12 to open the action menu and choose the option View subscriptions.

Each subscription has a status:

ST:4 - Subscribed, but pending, as the date set in ValidFrom has not been reached.

ST:8 - Subscribed and activate, as the date set in ValidFrom has been reached and the date set in ValidTo has not been reached.

ST:9 - Unsubscribed, as the date set in ValidTo has been reached.

If there already exists an active subscription for the customer with the sane timeframe , this will have to be closed before adding a new valid subscription.

Unsubscribing a customer by:

To unsubscribe a customer, simply open the subscription page and click the paintbrush icon on the item line.

Nb! if error message appears stating 'Not possible - already existing in that time period' when trying to add a new subscription, try changing the validfrom date to 'today's date' and delete that line before adding a new one.