File Collection needs to know specifically which devices are intended to ship out by entering them in the serial number table on the customer shipping advice (CSA).

If the CompanySetting that does this automatically is activated, the quantity on a customer shipping advice item (CSA-item) should be the same as on the production work order (PWO) (or goods receipt item (SSA-item).

If only a few part of the production will be shipped, and File Collection had worked the same for the customer shipping advice (CSA)  as it does for other document types, one would have all the MSR files associated with the goods receipt (SSA) linked and would have to manually remove the files that are not to be included in the shipment. 

In case one actually ships less quantity than the quantity produced, (on the goods receipt item (SSA-item), it is a manual job to enter the correct serial numbers to be shipped out and the File Collection in this case can be built accordingly.