When forwarding a customer invoice (CIN) or customer credit note (CCN) to an existing customer invoice (CIN) or customer credit note (CCN), some fields must match:

Status on the document it will be forwarded to must be 1 and the following must match:


Currency (CUR) 

Credit Card ID (CCTID) if this is used

Location (LOC) and Location country code (LOCCC) (LOCCC is used on Direct shipments if there are several VAT numbers) 


PriceAGR (price agreements)

Indexagr (Index agreements)

Doctype (document type)


To forward a customer invoice (CIN) to a an existing customer invoice (CIN) the delivery terms (DELTERM), delivery term place (DELTERMPLACE) and Payby must match in addition to the above.

Nb! The number of items allowed on the document you are forwarding to must not be exceeded.