Increase your company's win ratio by staying on top of opportunities, and increase sales productivity by sharing information with everyone in your sales force. The RamBase CRM module offers support to your whole sales pipe which stretches from working with ‘cold’ opportunities to following up your backlog with a high level of control.

The CRM module allows you to keep track of all existing customers as well as new leads and opportunities. With an intuitive CRM dashboard, you can focus on the right opportunities at the right time, increasing your lead conversion.


Opportunities (OPP) is found in the RamBase menu under CRM. You can also write OPP in the program field and press ENTER.

This application is used to register business opportunities and follow them through the different stages, from lead to deal. These stages are created in the Opportunity Stages (OPPS) application.

Creating a new opportunity

  1. Click the Create new opportunity button down in the left corner.

  2. Enter the necessary information

    • Opportunity title field: Give the opportunity a name, for example the name of the company.

    • Customer drop-down menu: If the company is an existing customer, add the name here. If the company is not a customer, leave this blank until you have the information to fill it in.

    • Contact drop-down menu: Look up or add the company contact here.

    • Assigned to drop-down menu: The employee who is in charge of the follow up.

    • Total contract value / NOK field: The expected value of the lead. The value can be categorized as one-off revenue or recurring, periodic income.

    • Probability field: The probability of a successful closing in percent.

    • Closing date field: The expected time of fulfillment. Fill in the closing date or click the Calendar icon and select a closing date.

    • Stage drop-down menu: Which stage the lead is in.

    • Source drop-down menu: Select the source of the lead from the options listed in the drop-down menu.

  3. Click Create when finished. The lead is now placed in the opportunities board based on the step chosen.

To view details regarding the opportunities in the board, use the radio-buttons to the right of the search-field. These buttons allow you to change to the alternative views - Opportunities details and Opportunities prognosis.

Opportunity details

Opportunity details (OPPD) is an alternative view where you can view more details regarding the different opportunities.

The top area shows which step the opportunity is currently in. You can click any of the steps to either move the opportunity forward or back, depending on your need. When you enter a stage the counter will start at zero and count days for the active step. Can be used for following up / reporting.

The area to the left, called Details, holds all the details defined when the opportunity was entered in the Opportunities application. These can be added or modified here.

There are four context menu options in the upper right hand corner; Won, Lost, On hold and Closed. Use these options to categorize the opportunity as won, lost, put on hold or closed.

The area to the right shows four tabs:

  • Timeline: The Timeline tab shows the Notes and Activities related to this opportunity.

  • Notes: Any notes registered in the opportunity are shown here.

  • Activities: These are the tasks added on each opportunity. These activities can be categorized as task, phone, meeting or e-mail.

  • Quotes: These are Sales quotes (CQU) based on opportunity.

Opportunity prognosis

The Opportunity Prognosis (OPPPROG) alternative view shows the opportunities filtered by their closing dates. The opportunities are filtered by default to WonOrActive and can be changed from the search area in the top left corner of the application.

This view gives you a good overview concerning the opportunities and which ones are nearing closing. To see future opportunities and their closing dates, use the month browser in the upper right hand corner.