Termination of employment / closing User accounts:
When a user is terminated using ‘Resign User’ the following should be checked:

 RPQ - Report Queue
Check if the person is listed to receive reports automatically. 

 -Check if there is a RPQ in ST=8 by using RPQ;PID:XXXX. 
 -If yes, delete the PID/mailingadr from the RPQ or delete the whole RPQ if no other PID/mailingadr is
  listed/added, - by using F12 Discontinue.


Check if the user is registered on any approvals rules. This should be removed.
NGREP/105561 ‘Active approver assignments on approval rules’ can be used to check this.

Notification lists:
Check if the user is a super-user and inform JHC to remove them from notification lists

GRP - Groups
Check if user is listed on any GRP's - and if he should be replaced by others. For example: GRP/;CLASS:Measureapproval

CNT - Contacts
Check if the user has a CNT defined, and close this using the option: F12:Discontinue (ST=9).
(Use the filter "CNT Firstname/Name")

Resign user connected to a different 'Home System' 
Nb! If a closing a User account, that does not have the specific system defined as 'Home system' (For example a person that is helping out in your system but is employed in another system). the USER will remain in ST=4, but the PER will have ST = 9. 
To remove this USER, select 'Delete' on the User account in the systems folder.The USER will disappear and the associated PER will move to status 9 (Due to history).