'Change price' on a goods reception (SSA) for a part does not trigger a recalculation of the price on the associated production goods reception (PROD-SSA). 
If this is needed you can enter the production goods reception (PROD-SSA) in "PWO-view" and press the calculator to trigger a recalculation.

If the price of the goods reception (SSA) for parts included in the structure (KIT) is updated before the last operation is completed, both physical parts and external work apply and the price of  production work order and the goods reception (SSA) for the specific part will be updated.

If the production work order (PWO) is already in status 8 when the price is updated, the price will remain 0 on the production work order (PWO), but forwarding to stock triggers a recalculation so the goods reception (SSA) will have the correct price visible.