The Transactions/Purchase Order folder on the Supplier list purchase orders and purchase order responses issued and active for the specific supplier.

If a purchase order (SPO) is raised it will appear in the Transactions/Purchase Order folder – until the stock is received and registered. 

If a purchase order response (SOA) is raised (status 1) the purchase orders (SPO) remaining quantity will reduce – but the purchase order response (SOA) will not appear in Transactions/Purchase Order folder before it is registered to status higher than 1.


If the purchase order response (SOA) is rejected the quantity remaining is updated against the purchase order (SPO).

If the purchase order response (SOA) is accepted and registered (status 3) the purchase order response (SOA) appears in the Transactions / Purchase Order folder.


Note:  It is important to review the remaining quantity column to get an initial view of the purchase orders position – but the overall purchase orders position cannot be determined without drilling into the detail of the purchase order (SPO) / purchase order response (SOA) lines. For example a reduced remaining quantity could be due to a partial receipt of the purchase order, an outstanding purchase order response (SOA), or a goods reception (SSA) that is waiting to be registered.