When a production order is created from PRODPLAN ‘Pending by Order’ folder, the production work order (PWO) will be linked to the specific customer/customer order and you will see  reference to this in the PWOD under the 'Customer area.

If the production is created from the PRODPLAN ‘Pending orders by Part’ folder, it will not be linked to a specific customer/customer order.


To release a production work order (PWO) or Goods reception item (SSAItem) that is locked to a specific customer, you have the following alternatives:

PWO: On a production work order (PWO) during production, there is the F12 option: 
           'Unlock production work order from Customer'

SSA Item: On a Goods reception item (SSA-Item) after forwarding to stock, there is an option under
                ‘Activities and operations’ called: ‘Make goods available for any customer’. 
                This will release the links to the specific customer and goods can be linked to other customers.