When a production order is created from PRODPLAN ‘Pending by Order’ folder, the production work order (PWO) will be linked to the specific customer/customer order.

If the production is created from the PRODPLAN ‘Pending orders by Part’ folder, it will not be linked to a specific customer/customer order.


To release a production work order (PWO) or Goods reception item (SSAItem) that is locked to a specific customer, you have the following alternatives:

PWO: On a production work order (PWO) during production, there is the F12 option: 
           'Unlock production work order from Customer'

SSA Item: On a Goods reception item (SSA-Item) after forwarding to stock, there is an option under
                ‘Activities and operations’ called: ‘Make goods available for any customer’. 
                This will release the links to the specific customer and goods can be linked to other customers.