By using the Suggestion ticket you can communicate a new feature idea to the RamBase product organization. Be aware that the development plan of RamBase is following a strategically committed product RoadMap. Hence, the capacity to make short term changes is limited.

However, when you provide your feedback and ideas on a Suggestion ticket, we will assess it and revert to you. It might be possible to resolved requested change on a short horizon, but often it will be considered with other planned changes on the RoadMap. A suggestion might also be outside of the RamBase product scope. You will then get a notification from us about this. 

If you want to expedite your idea, please change your ticket into a Service Request. You will then receive an estimate for implementing the change, if it is feasible.

Suggestions should include the following information:

  • Describe the core process
  • Specify requested functionality
  • Specify¬†how this deviates from standard features
  • What are the benefits of the change?

Suggestions can also be created in our Suggestions Forum on our online Support Center