Tickets can be created by a defined Superuser of your organization. A Superuser can enter binding agreements for support and services on behalf of your organization and acts as the internal first line of support for the users. Company specific work processes will not be found in the standard RamBase user documentation. It is important that a company has ownership and is self sufficient within the implemented features and functions of RamBase. Your organization is responsible for maintaining the users' qualification on a sufficient level. We can assist in a variety of ways.

Support tickets

The ticket type Support is for user inquireries and requests for changes in settings and parameters, issues caused by user mistakes, unintended use of the system, lack of user training or other situations that are not caused by faults in system or services by RamBase. Any support inquireies will be billed according to support agreement.

Service requests

The ticket type Service Request is for ordering additional support services and assistance in implementing new features. These chargeable services have an approval workflow where the Superuser is presented with an estimate for the specific service. The billable hours needs to be approved before the assignment is initiated. These services are not included in any support agreements. Our professional services aim to enhance the benefit realization of your organization'investment in RamBase.  A selection of service types are available when crating a Service Request ticket: 

  • Custom Reports
  • Custom Print
  • Custom integration
  • Activate extension
  • Consultant services
  • Development services
  • Feature training
  • Other requests

If you have a suggestion for a new feature you should use a Suggestion ticket.

Read more about it here: How can I use a suggestion ticket?