Our support team will assess your ticket upon reception and adjust it according to our set standards. Clear communication enhance our assessment of your request.

Information requirements - how can we help you today?

To enable a swift response to any requests, we need to make sure that we understand your ticket. You must clearly state the context and your intent with the request. The best way to do that is by providing the following information in the Subject and Description:

  • What is the issue you want to address?
  • What are you trying to do?
  • What are the steps leading up to the issue?
  • In what program/application/document – where in the system?
  • For whom (pid)?
  • When (time)?
  • Is the problem persistent?
  • Which browser are you using?
  • If a screenshot of the issue is available, please attach it.

We cannot start working on a request before we understand the issue. If the ticket lack relevant information, we will request more details. If you find it difficult to express the issue, please let us know and we will call you up to clarify the necessary details.

Tone of voice - friendly is key!

It is important to be precise in written communication. Use a positive tone of voice and convey your message as neutral as possible. Make sure to read it to yourself before you send it. Sometimes messages come across as hostile, sarcastic or with another negative connotation unintentionally. Please avoid this, as it will increase our response time and result in miscommunication.

Ticket type - what kind of request is it?

You are welcome to report incidents, request support, request services or even make suggestions. You select the ticket type when creating the ticket.

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What is an incident?

What is the difference between a support ticket and service request? 

How can I use Suggestion tickets?

Priority - what is the severity of the request?

The priority should reflect the severity of the reported case. The default value is Low.

Read more here: How do I set the right priority on a ticket?

Your reference number

The "Your reference number" field is linked to our invoicing. Each reference number will generate a separate invoice.