In the Permissions (PRM) archive you can search for a permission and you will have the option in the context menu:  'View usage on duties and roles for company'

Enter on this opens a pop-up with information regarding Permission usage. 

The duties granting this permission and the roles where this duty is included is listed. 

There is an option in the context menu called: 'View Hidden Actions' in some applications. 
Enter this option and a pop-up opens showing what you need to get the specific access. 
In this pop-up the permission is listed, and if you enter on it, you are directed to the permission (PRM/xxxx) archive and can see which Duty is needed, including the Roles granting this permission.

When a user does not have access an error message is given stating which permission is missing. 

Enter on the permission (PRM/xxxxx) and see one can see the duties & roles where this specific permission is used.