In the Direct shipment process, the customer sales order link is basically locked to the purchase order (SPO or SOA) and is considered a special 1-1 order. If it is necessary to change the part after starting the direct shipment process the user must temporarily undo the linking, change the part and re-link it, before running the direct shipment process again. Here are the steps needed to complete this process:

  1. Forward all items on the customer sales order (COA) to a new customer sales order (COA).
  2. While in status 1, select the option: "Undo direct shipment".
  3. Change the part on the current customer sales order item (COA-ITEM).
  4. Forward all items on the Purchase order response (SOA) to a new purchase order response (SOA) and change the part here too while the document is in status 1.
  5. Register the Purchase order response (SOA) to status 3.
  6. Select "Start direct shipment process" on the customer sales order (COA).
    Choose to link to Existing Purchase order response. The purchase order response from point 4 above will appear in the list as an alternative for you to choose.
  7. Register your customer sales order to status 3 again.

    These steps can be used if you need to change the ‘shipping to address’ too.