Enter the Finance reports (FRP) application and choose the report called:

"General Ledger Account Balances and Movements, Detailed".

This is a report that lists each general ledger account and the specific entry made for every general ledger account.

In the column ‘Transaction’ reference to the Sales invoice (CIN), Sales credit note (CCN), Supplier invoice (SIN), Supplier credit note (SCN), Payment (PAY) and similar is listed.

In the column ‘GL Posting’, reference to which ledger appendix the transaction has been loaded to is found.

If it is a manual entry, there is only information in the column: ‘GL Transaction’.

When on this report, there is a dropdown in the upper right-side corner.

Here it is possible to choose to see the report for this period, last period, this year or last year.

To search for entries on a specific account - for example: 27*, add a filter as follows in the filter field: ‘ACCNO:27*’ or for a specific account add the whole account number in the filter field. For example: ACCNO:2710