If there is a deviation found in the 'VAT reconciliation Report': NGREP/102356 we suggest to compare the following links with a filter on the same period and VATCODE:




and compare this to the Sub-report of NGREP/102356: 

 (Easily enter on the specific VATCODE line and it will take you to the details in the sub-report)

REP/102290;PERIOD="202201",VATNO="NO xxx xxx xxx MVA",VATCODE="01" 

The PERIOD given in the filter in this report refers to the VATPERIOD.

To search for the period the specific entry has, you can add this information to the filter: TRANSACTIONPERIOD.  

This is a suggestion to reduce the number of lines that appear in the list. If this is done, remember to adjust the filter used in the ATRList accordingly as for example:


We have seen examples where the user has not created a VAP document when manually adding a general ledger entry. We therefore suggest to use the filter 'TRANS<>"SUP*' as shown above that will remove the supplier invoiced/credit notes (SIN/SCN) from the list.

If you find the VAP document is missing on an ATR that was manually created, it is possible to create this using the option from the context menu: 'Create VAT posting from General ledger posting.'

More information regarding manually creating VAP on manually created ATR can be found here: Create VAP