To change the VATcode on each order item, you have to enter the first or all items. You then click on the first item and go to the accounting folder. In the dropdown “VAT code” you change to the correct VAT code. The field “VAT percent” is updated and so is the VAT amount and Total amount on the main level of the document. If you enter only the first item and change the VAT code, this VAT code will not be used for the next item(s) by default.

You will have to change VAT code on each item manually or use the function: ‘Copy accounting data to all items’ - found under the context menu: “Activities and operations”. NB! This option will change all the accounting data from item 1 to all other items, not just the VAT code. If a sales order has been registered (status>1) and you need to change the Vat Code, the sales order (COA) must be forwarded to a new sales order (COA) and the VATcode updated while the document is in status 1. Updating this will result in a new VAT amount and a new total amount.