On the supplier shipping advise item, you have an option: Change Price if you have the access to this. Here you add the new price and the valid from date. The valid from date that can be specified, is the shipping advise date (SSA-date) or it can be the date the price revision is made up to ‘today’s date’ = the day it was updated. (depending on which settings is activated on company for this). If you have customer orders linked to the shipping advise, the GM (gross margin) on these will be recalculated. If you write the date of - for example today, only customer documents with that date or later will have their cost updated and GM re-calculated.

Documents that are already sent or invoiced to customer will have their cost updated and GM re-calculated. If user has previously made a price correction on the same shipping advise item (SSA-Item), the new price change will be valid from either the date that was done or from when the price revision is valid up to ‘today’s date’.