If you have access, you can change the part name and/or Text on a product in the ART archive
If changed, a job will run through all backlog for the specific part and change it accordingly. 
The default rules for what defines ‘backlog’ and what documents are updated is as follows:

Change in PART name:

Sales & Supplier documents that have item status less than 10 and are not flagged as production: CQU,COA,CPO,SQU,SOA,SPO,PWO,CSO - ITMST<10,DOCTYPE<>"PRODUCTION"

Customer shipping advises that have item status less than 4, meaning not yet shipped out:


Supplier documents that have item status less than 3, meaning not yet stored in the warehouse but received and not produced in-house:


Change in TEXT:

The same as above for changes to PART name.

In addition to this, Customer invoice plans with item status less than 9 will be updated with the new text description:


Nb! A customized/local rule can be defined, where certain documents are not updated when changes are made to an articles description (text) field in the article archive (ART).