The following fields can be used for product grouping:
Custom field 1, Custom field 2 and Product Classification.

The field values in Custom field 1, Custom field2 and Product Classification in ART are copied to several transaction documents, both purchase and customer documents.

This enables filtering on these values in several applications for example Purchase (PUR), Purchase Backlog Management (PBM) Goods in (GIN), Sales order item (COAITEM) and in several reports.

The fields Custom field 1, Custom field 2 and Custom field 3 are free text fields found under
'Custom fields' in the Product custom fields area on articles. 

The Product Classification code is found under 'Properties' in the Main data folder on articles and this is picked from a predefined list created in the WGR builder.

The 'Custom field 3' is not copied to transaction documents but is a free text field.

(Custom field 1, Custom field 2 and Custom field 3 previously known as: 'GR1, GR2, GR3'
(Product Classification Code previously known as 'Code'.)