If you have a customer order (COA) registered with parts that have class:Z (Zero), a Supplier shipment advice (SSA) has to be linked in the stock assignment register (SAR) before you can forward this line to a customer shipping advice (CSA). If this is necessary, usually a ‘dummy’ Supplier shipment advice (SSA) with this part is defined to link to, with price: 0,00. You will then be able to forward to a customer shipping advice (CSA) and customer invoice (CIN) together with the rest of the products on the order. Parts with class:Z (Zero) will not be listed on picking lists.

In the logistics module, parts with class V,X and Z are referred to as only virtual products, - not physical products and not included in the stock value where it would be necessary to be picked and packed. There is a special treatment of class:Z (Zero) in the production system. If a part is classified as Z (Zero) in a product structure, it will not link in the stock assignment register (SAR), but will be listed on picklists as something that needs to be picked. We suggest using class:Z (Zero) only on parts that are to be included in a production structure.