We send out emails from RamBase that looks like they are coming from the end user. e.g. something@yourcompany.no/com, but in reality they come from a RamBase email address. This is called spoofing, and this is the common way of doing it. But for these emails to not get flagged as spam or junk, the owner of the domain that we are spoofing - In this case yourcompany.com must include an ‘spf’-pointer in their email setup.

Add the following information in the SPF pointer: include:spf.hatteland.com

The following procedure can be used to check if this is implemented:

Go to: https://toolbox.googleapps.com/apps/dig/ and put in the domain. e.g. "yourwebsiteadr.com" Select TXT in the menu to see what text entries that are listed. Check that you can see that spf.hatteland.com is listed.